Thursday, 20 September 2018

Meera's Encounter.!!

January 2016

Hey Meera Sharma (Now that's me)

Where i finally host my nib to the papers underlying my messy couch trying to scrunch-in few details about a mysterious incident.....As the ink fangs from the nib to absorb the millennial tissues on those hazy sheets. I throw myself back to the time when things where pitter-patter
My head was dizzy from what i watched last night at a family dinner......!! I just want to be scolded by Maa and Paa like i usually would be few years ago for not acing well in mathematics which is an antonym for one of my great interests. (Sighing to myself...hmmm).

May be i felt this way to push myself out of what i witnessed yesterday at the close of the day.

It was nearing to dawn,it started being misty...
And I found him far in one of the oldest and much known deserted states of the sub continent, where the land of dusty and hot steamy winds is shared with the neighboring green flagged Muslim dominant country, ....

A land still known as the Frontier where i always dreamt of having a traditional love fairy tale, i get myself punched by a wall as i walk out zoned....and wonder about the effects causing these sinusoidal waves in my cerebrum is by gluing my eyeballs to our so called Hindi serials junk

(Getting to my senses...from being lost!.....)

I found him staring me from a shaded brick house having, a wide avenue surrounded with cactus and
wild date trees down the center and barefoot decade old boys dribbling with sand balls along the cold pavement. As though it was some kind of regularly played ritual. As i strode ahead flickering my eyes giving distant glances to people around me.As i kept striding over I found and took note that it was actually a huge worned out mansion, I notice age old intricacies grooved on walls of each pillar liberating an own tale of pride,love & culture.

Was it my illusion that it seemed to be him starring me constantly, (Coz...i had weak sight! and so was doubting self..) It was getting dark the lights and the decoration at the dinner helped me get glimpses, But i was in doubt!?

As i moved i could sense a tingy strong smell sprouting from the surroundings,No it din't feel soothing neither was
harsh on my nostrils but it started to choke my throat, And i growled at once like a chimp and fell on ground to silent the thundering terror howling from me..

I gathered myself within fractions to slither out from the eyes of the rajwadi's piling sticks to lit the camp fire, The place was known as the land of kings - (Rajasthan),I had no notion why i feared getting caught as though i am up to a crime. Lying to others is fine,everyone does that!... It's also healthy and advisable.

(My conscious gave me a sigh to the preaching i was doing to justify myself)

I rolled my eyes and gasped at myself !!
Oh please!
Its the phenomenal truth, How else are you going to survive the suffering in this brutally cruel world?
But lying to yourself ?
Man!! Nowww,
That's shit hard and worst than being crazy, because me getting lost at family functions is a common thing but as always is a new chapter for my beloveds. At situations like these answering solutions of chemistry equations and physics numerical's of velocity and quantum sounded much happier than answering my gruesome parents if they happen to notice me missing among the whining aunties.

Sanity is overrated, It doesn't sink in,like me be crazy and having no branches over it's as true as bottle guard tasting delicious when compared to chole bature!
The guy whom i was going head over heels to sneak in his hood to smell the truth was a man whom i had no interest to even give a glance at school but he turned out to be the reason to shut down the branch of our flashy convent.

I suddenly felt slippery as my feet turned sweaty and the sand bit me sore between the webs of my toes,It was more than just hurting, And being heavily dressed is more than a custom we north indians carry with elan! It was turning cold & dark, And i could here the slightest cheer traces from the dinner "Hippip Hurrayyy!!! Hippipp Hurayyy!!"  (where i had to be present at)

I exist in an industry which works non stop project after project, literally at every given second someone in the supply chain is a sign of progress and theirs someone whose always left unnoticed though you shake all the shells of your brain to satisfy and seek smiles.

Drama is more in my industry than an actor could actually act! Not entirely true &.No,I'm not begrudging my life,

As I know that they can be mend anyways into what you want it to be, All you need to have in you is... the guts of getting bankrupted while you try to find the true meaning to this chaos and end up giving valid answers to your parents until your cheques bounce.

You could be a student,an intern,a tourist, a dancer until you feel like your living it. At least I am learning to believe in it. I do not wish to remain trapped into these feelings anymore,And so i happened to take a holiday for my beloved far off cousins wedding with her beloved would-be!
Ahh..hummm... There I notice him pale blue ,feather like light from probably forty five steps still to reach,Yes i am that good at math to measure the steps apt!
I curse myself to be lost in thoughts by getting zoned out even at instances like these.
Such a moronn!!!!!I am,
No wonder i would be pushed out of the math class and would shamelessly linger and giggle around for being out from teachers who would make us scribble on board, And me being tall was her gunshot target
All would be fun lingering in the corridor until maa scorched her eye on me while taking rounds on the floor.

I reached his room, wondered if it was his and was i at the right place, what if google maps could help! Oh no!!....Suchh.. lame pondering
Please get real Meeraa...!!!1

                                                                                                                           To be Continued.....

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Unplanned Playlist!

Among crores and millions of beings striding in and out of the planet, There has been no person who is away from "Playlist" Music has become an integral part of each and every soul.

If you slow down and hear! While we chew those crisp hard nuts inside our mouth, we catch ourselves making crackling sounds which keep resonating till our brain.And whilst you incidentally tap your feet on ground while soaring high in the air on a swing....theirs an impromptu rhythm in sync. Isn't it?

We are bound with all the probable highs and lows of music from "sa re ga ma pa" to "hip hop" where we also end up having long discussions about the notes and styles of it from all stakes and corners of the world with friends,cousins and rest!

So as to bring light on.....Life is one such word, or say a high pitched intonation in these bunch of creative playlists!

I always had this one statement in mind i.e
 "Life is discovery!"

It's discovery, not when you end up having the highest grade in your class. But,its when you end up having a new rise of never to die curiosity while learning in you're class

It's discovery not when you win a cup in a marathon,But when you learn what was that mere instinct which made you run the marathon.

It's discovery not when you learn which subject you want to choose after you're 10th std. But when you actually begin the art of learning,how to analyze and make a decision.

It's discovery not when you lose with you're opponent and sit depressed. But, when you learn the lesson of what you are supposedly weak or good at.

I have noticed many instances since my childhood where parents tend to force their younger ones to follow the opinions and suggestions they seek from their peers and don't even bother to have a relevant discussion of taste with the one who is probably going to work,learn,grieve or master it!

I always wondered why are all well known people either drop-outs! or they are some kind of mis-happening's (as people say).. have actually made it to google (which is mostly the father and mother of all the solutions today!) Well! in my definition they have mastered what they loved by not bothering about the world in short.

To all those who plan things just like their selected songs of list in their phones.
Say yes! to everything that comes your way and challenge you're self if it pleases you not to please the rest in and around the globe.

Discover sanity of delicacy, wisdom, generosity and chivalry. Its a damn rare combination....try mastering at least one if your heart desires them or ......All! Again not to please but to grow.

Your's truly

Friday, 18 May 2018

Be heard!


Today! I was randomly going through this long updated new feature in whatsapp i.e "whatsapp status"
And i spotted one of a known person's status with a newspaper click which stated "Jobless engg graduate records video, kills self!" with a "Good morning" tag line from the individual who posted it.

What caught my half opened cornea's attention.... in the untimely morning (Now, you must be wondering ....early in the morning was she with her phone?...Oh! I admit, i just roll over my hand below my headrest and grab the hard lined screen while laying on my couch giving a glance over every message with my half opened eyeball while the other is still asleep..and brood on to revert them later.)

And, as i said i usually drift back  people later...and they get offended because of my lame conduct..I happened to return back to this guy on his status by early noon by texting "Seriously!wats good morning" and he being alert as always who quickly pinged me saying "Good morning because we are not a fool like him to quit"

Well! well!! This guy is someone whom i have known for more than a decade to be precise...whose frame of mind and painless attitude is damn upfront for today's diplomatic world to understand or receive it in a positive manner.It so happened that this guy left his monthly pocket money which usually costs our half life's, and moments of happiness at stake saying my life is more than just the mere ruthless package the company pays.

Right now! Hopefully he must be building some unusual castles of his dreams into reality which are unsaid yet but are soon going to ring the bells of success in our eardrums! He denotes himself to be an outcast in this world where he is parallely sailing by... but is living by uttering "i m not built for the normal suffering which every human goes should be a series of variety" he roars!

What actually made me scribble about this instant is,

I came across three humorous nuances which left my tiny nerves to wriggle over.
firstly the foolish guy who recorded his video and died (No offense... to his family..Condolences!)
Moreover about the guy who posted about him and tagged "Good morning"
lastly, me who thought the guy was sick to tag ..."Good morning" under such hideous post.
And later after his response i realized how incorrectly i would perceive this guy hadn't i asked him about it!

And then i wondered what about those known contacts of his or with anyone whom i would debate randomly in my leisure..because if we don't have anything to speak and i end up talking about this topic.....Just to begin or continue a conversation......hmmmm!
What i tether to conclude regarding the whole scenario is people are less clear about what they say! or supposedly sarcastic i presume in their own way, And before we end up to any conclusions, questioning them and having a conversation about it is much more imperative to have a clear picture rather than creating an imaginary perception about the individual.

Another point regarding the post the guy who attempted to carry on such a deliberate task .....I feel Though we might not be the best at what we do right now but time will hone us to be better in the long run!..we are definitely here with a purpose to fill our life's or the rest around us with some profound meaning which may render in itself by your perpetual conduct, we might create some instance of value for the coming generations, by letting them know valid theories of peace,learning,wit,power,smiles,maturity,contentment.....and last but not the least live for the rest around, and to stop taking life for granted!

Acha...bhagya :).....................Gd luck!

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

The Other day!

Hey peeps!

I happened to witness a guy on paves the other day!
He wore a dangling pale cream shirt it seemed to be drooping of from one of his 
His crimson suit was hung on his left arm paired with royal blue pants 
styled from the 90's trends the belt was cripply buckled.
Shoes were murky brown fashioned in a pointed patterned as though reaching a high cliff
but yet seemed classy, i also noticed slight mist of dust hovered on it with the help of a candle which was lit at an accountable two step distance near a chana-batana stall

I tried reading his facial features,but was unable to catch hold of the details and was interleaved having a faint image of a man who was stiff yet hunched, I don't know how?
His hair was long almost lingered till the rim of the collar, i helped my curious eyes
reach his nose which had a bump bone, and was pointed out like a beak,
He seemed to be gifted with a very crisp jaw line, his complexion was unnoticed due to the dull street lights, yet i managed to strain self with this unconventional rage of curiosity and got a
glimpse of his silver lined eyes when his 7 inch screen's light beamed over his face for a while as he picked up a call. 

As i was reading him more,
The image my mind constructed earlier was transforming to where i reached till the 
second half stanza above.

Then i questioned myself!
What am i doing, Is it right to judge people the way i am doing?

But, Wait! Hold on!

This is how every alternate person judges at his first glance,
When i actually ended up seeing that man in the bright forefront light which 
dazzled through a car's flashy headgear and left all dark again in just fraction of seconds was 
the same man i met fortnight ago and spoke about a book named "Unsuitable boy" 
his gait of walking changed a lot since then i thought for a while, but then i broke myself from the string and pondered about
what we spoke.....hmm...No wonder! he was a man of matter and brains undoubtedly,

But,again as i scratched my cerebrum straining my tiny neurons in it...I thought over and pondered,
regretfully not finding any satisfying solution to quench my thirst in this 
unbearable brightness showered by Mr.Golden who skipped our ozone years ago!(Probably! true ryt..)

So here's my questionnaire for you brainee's,

What's the first thing you notice when you dash into a he/she?

What do think will make you stop and give a head turn to the next beside you!

      ( Looks are deceiving guys! It has become a world renowned statement now!!) 

And i want something else other than just this statement.....

Lets be honest...What do you notice first! How do you judge them?
Do you even reach out to a person without judging?
What makes us matter the most to lend out a hand for a shake?
Is shaking hands done only in business or known friends or also with the ones you
never seen?

Pen down and critic what you see,feel,and how you want it to be...

Monday, 23 April 2018


There is always something we dream off ...which will land us to our sole purpose of existence.

 Let's say, you might dream off being an artist or may be a singer or, something extraordinary dwelling out of the mundane league. My statement here doesn't denote having varied dreams while you're asleep which portray or signify a  new character or event each night and you might end up stalking over that varied dream each day!

No! I don't mean that,
What i tether about Dream is,
Dreams are a subconscious state of mind, they release us from our so called comparisons, which we witness from our peers and also from inner self.
Its a gut instinct, a profound intuition.. which we crave for doing it each day...
Where we don't expect people to acknowledge us or push us to complete that task.
Where we just find reasons to get back into that schedule to chase and reach.
Where and when while implementing we always feel butterflies in our tummy...ohh yes! that's our right place! It means... your living not just surviving.!!

We are on a journey to keep an appointment with our selves.
But eventually, we happen to get carried away by the wind!
It might lure us for a while ..But, will drop us down mid-way, because it was not what we chose to be.Instead, it was just the one we happened to follow in herds.

We are in a steadfast race with no destiny finalized other than mere death which is for sure going to happen someday!
So when you have something new in the upper shelf of your brain which even your heart abides by but the world laughs at! when you happen to spill the beans with them.
Then i insist just FOLLOW IT !
Though its tough or we might see no road to get that done soon...but still drive towards it!

I always felt dreams are ways to convey of what and were your heart resides...It gives you traces and nuances to recognize your taste,your chastity,your affection,your inclination towards it...

Obviously they say it's much easier to follow your passions when you're financially secure, But
Let me tell you one small conversation which made me ponder ...whole day about what i am doing?
It goes this way....

 (I reach my office at work after a weekend! And, I just happened to dash into one of my co-worker (Pavan) )

Co-worker - Hey! how are you this morning?

Self: Am good! As-usual back to work..How are you?

Co-worker - So how's work going on ...

Self: Well....hmm its "Ista"(The application's name - probably on which i was working ) Last version's test.

Co-worker - You know what ...Ash ,When i mentioned work , I asked about your personal work or dream which you ever had ..Not about office...
Work at office is just 20% where you work to survive
But your remaining 80% should be the reason for your existence.And I was rightfully asking about that!

This session which lasted for just 2 mins turned my brain upside - down to just think over....

And then...
I  just initiated to work on my intuition...
Though have not reached yet!
But am set out to live a new journey which keeps me up! Each morning.

Where at least i can find solace in the fact that, i now have the time to pursue the things that really matter to me because now the option of doing things just for the sake of mere pennies isn't necessarily a GOAL any more!

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Make a Difference !!

Well ! How do I begin now...!!? What should I say!! What will they think about me.....what an obnoxious situation it is?......Why are they starring at me?...Hope i am not looking like a disaster....
Hope these questions pop up in every brains text field...!! If i am not wrong!
When we exchange numbers with strangers we just keep chatting with them for hours and nights together.....And when we meet, we wander, and ponder all over those tiny cells in our brain ...Thinking what should i mouth ....

Guys! Socializing is absolutely a great skill...I would look up to you and applaud...for your immense patience for editing and posting your beautiful funky face pictures.
Relations with your beloved ones wont last with that love and concern....if you just forge your face down into that beloved 7 inches screen to just share a loving long message...

Jump out at some friends place, Share thoughts with them... freak out , laugh, cry make some fanatical beautiful memories adding a tinge of your own presence ...

Its damn high time to get out of that virtual walls build around...Sacrifices are good when it makes you happy and when it makes you feel blissful and contended.

We start to look down at our hands in despair....hoping for the sophisticated slim screen to let go of our discomfort.Which also works out like a savior in many of the longitudes.(probably!)
Relations in the sense, Guys please don't assume it to be formal always like...(Aunty ji namaste....pari pauna....and again become a blue moon) 

Don't think twice to start a conversation with any random person.....If you face any complication ask..
Its highly good to laze around when you feel like..

................But wait a minute!..

No one is going to judge you basing on that!...
And if they happened to judge..good for them ..(chuckles) Talk to yourself ...speak your emotions out! Pen down in a book ...
No-one is perfect,everyone is weird..and born weird and that's why each one is different than the why bother!
Stop saying "its okay" i am fine(or) I will be fine etc...
its a definite disaster....i assure
Not necessary you should always abide by the rules......Start making a difference ......You will love yourself ...

Pinky promise...!!! ;) I bet you will smirk thinking about me.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

I don't set any records, but I do love to keep the crowd vigilant through my unplanned saga.

I comprise bountiful fields of reference but my major design is to proclaim my fondness on acceptance, love, optimism, anticipation,merry mirth and sharing compliments. This has become essential because in today's sphere people are perplexed and bewildered about what real love and real acceptance is and are too "sophisticated and skeptical" to manifest their true emotions and portray legitimate enthusiasm for anything.

Relationships and lifestyle have become to messy off late ,People tend to run over success,glamour,beauty,in such a rapid phase
that they tend to obliterate their possessions wherein they tend to age resentfulness,become envious,and a lot more on cards which cannot be demonstrated

I was all ears to one of the most beautiful story which i came across through one of the most phenomenal writer and it commenced like.......A five-year-old girl made her musical debut in a church .

She had a very beautiful and graceful voice and from the beginning a great career was predicted for her. As she grew older she was getting more and more in demand for church, school and social functions.

Recognizing the need for professional voice training, the family sent her to a well-known voice teacher. The teacher knew his music as perhaps few others did. He was a perfectionist who
demanded top performance at all times. Any time the girl would waiver a bit or miss her timing in the least, he carefully pointed out her errors. Over a period of time, her admiration for her teacher deepened. Despite the age difference and the fact he was more critical than complimentary, she fell in love with him and they were married.

He persisted to lecture and develop her vocal skills , but her friends started detecting transitions in her magnificent natural voice.

It took on a strained quality and no longer had the clear excitement that it formerly possessed. Gradually, invitations to sing came less frequently.

Finally, they stopped.

Then her husband-teacher died and for the next few years she did meager or no singing. Her talent was hardly used, and lay dormant until an exuberant salesman began courting her On an occasion, when she would hum a little tune or a melody which would just burst forth, he would marvel at the beauty of her voice. "Sing some more, Honey. You have the most beautiful voice in all the world," he would say. Now the fact of the matter is, he might not have known whether she was good, bad or indifferent, but he did know he liked her voice very much. So, he showered her with praise. Not too surprisingly, her confidence returned and she began to receive invitations to sing again.

Still later, she married the "good finder" and went on to have a successful career of her own.

The story depicts graceful messages......

A sincere compliment ,A slight pat on the back, A heart full laugh, one of the most effective teachings consisting devotion,concern which showcases your emotions and motivational methods in existence . They may seem to be just so much air, but like the air which we use to fill the tires on our automobiles, they can really ease us along life's highway. The greatest good we can do for anyone is not to share our wealth with them, but rather to reveal their own wealth to them.............!!.